Describe your style in 5 words?

Free spirited, comfortable, athletic, posh, and sometimes risky.  

What brings you the greatest joy?

The greatest joy is watching my kids grow up. They're pretty amazing kids and seeing them grow into such loving, charismatic and respectful individuals makes my soul smile. 

Who is your most favorite person to follow on twitter, snapchat or Instagram? 

Guy Tang. He's my hairspiration. He's bold, talented, witty, and hard-working. He makes up words and likes to work out like I do, so that's a plus! 

What is the worse advice you’ve been given?

To play it safe because that's what's best for your family. I did that for years, and I was unhappy. When you're happy from the inside, it will resonate. Taking risks and fulfilling my dreams is the greatest example you can set for your family.  Life is way too colorful to stay black and white. 

Who is the top 3 guest listed for your ideal dinner party?

Dwayne Johnson, Ellen DeGeneres, and Beyoncé. Eye candy, comedy, and entertainment. 

What's your favorite pick-up line that someone used on you?

"I bet you can't run that far" (It was way too long of a run. I struggled but pretended it was a breeze, of course) IT WORKED because I married him 6 years later. 

What are your words to live by?

“Be kind and work hard.” My grandmother would tell me this ever since I was a toddler and was the last thing she told me before she passed. I will spend the rest of my life working hard and being kind to others. 

Zombie Apocalypse, choose your weapon?

Hmm.. bow and arrow so I won't need to get too close. Blood is not my jam. 

Oh yeah, hair. Why?

Why not?! Hair expresses a person's mood and personality. I believe there's a deep connection between the way people take care of their hair and how they feel inside. I'm in love with the endless possibility of creativity in this field. New trend? I'm there!